Alex Andahazy

About Me

My name is Alex Andahazy, and I am a communications studies major at Saint Joseph's University with a minor in sociology. I have been interested in media journalism for years, ever since I began reading TV recaps on the AV Club as a kid. I currently write for my school's newspaper and for a small California-based news outlet called mxdwn, where I cover gaming news topics.

I believe that the best media journalism serves as a highlight for the author's personality, allows readers to view a piece of art in a different light, or looks into systems that have gone unchecked to hold people accountable. With my work and this website, I want to establish my voice as one worth listening to in the industry.

A color photo of Alex Andahazy sitting at a desk with a red curtain behind him. He is white with brown hair, and wearing a gray suit jacket over a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt. There is a mug that says 'Talk Hill' on the desk.